In 2012“SIDECORE”project was founded and initiated by young artist volunteers. The central concept behind the project is “the extension of the self within the city”, in which the “city” signifies both urban space and public virtual space on the internet.




会期: 2018 年10月21 日(日) – 11月04 日(日)
時間:12:00 – 19:00 

アーティスト:EVERYDAY HOLIDAY SQUAD、BIEN、yang02、名越啓介、中島晴矢、ryusel etou、垂水五滴
会場:東京都品川区八潮5丁目6−37号棟集会所 (

主催 : 変容する周辺 近郊、団地展実行委員会

企画 : URG/ 協力 : UR都市機構、SIDE CORE


Transforming Surroundings Suburb, Apartment complex

Artist: EVERYDAY HOLIDAY SQUAD、BIEN、yang02、Keisuke Nagoshi、Haruya Nakajima、Ryusel Etou、Goteki Tsurumi

Term: 21, Octber.2018 (Sun) – 04,November.(Sun)

Venue:No.37 Meeting floor, Yashio5-6, Shinagawa-ku, Toyko(140-0003)(map)

Organized: "Transforming Surroundings Suburb, Apartment complex" committee

Project:UGR/ Cooperation:SIDE CORE, UR Urban Organization