In 2012“SIDECORE”project was founded and initiated by young artist volunteers. The central concept behind the project is “the extension of the self within the city”, in which the “city” signifies both urban space and public virtual space on the internet.




7月14日より千葉県の市原湖畔美術館「そとのあそび」展に共同企画者としてSIDE COREが参加します。都内から1時間半の湖畔美術館です。お誘い合わせの上、ぜひ遊びにきてください。






EVERYDAY HOLIDAY SQUAD、小畑多丘、菊地良太、木村崇人、snipe1、切腹ピストルズ、高田光、高橋臨太郎、Chim↑Pom、東京ピクニッククラブ、宮原嵩広、森田貴宏、森山泰地、路上観察学会( 50 音順)



日程:2018 年7 月14 日[土]–2018 年9 月17 日[月・祝] 休館:月曜日(祝日の場合、翌日)

料金: 一般:800 円( 700 円)、65 歳以上の方・大高生600 円( 500 円)、中学生以下・障害者手帳をお持ちの方とその付添者( 1 名) は無料。()内は20 名以上の団体料金。




PLAY OUTSIDE -From Picnics to Skateboards-“

SIDE CORE will participate as co-curator in an exhibition titled “PLAY OUTSIDE -From Picnics to Skateboards-“, be held at the Ichihara Lakeside Museum in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The Ichihara Lakeside Museum is located near a lake an hour and a half away from Tokyo. We look forward to seeing you there!

“PLAY OUTSIDE -From Picnics to Skateboards-” is an exhibition consisting of works by 14​​ artist groups and will be held at the the Ichihara Lakeside Museum, a feel-good venue surrounded by nature. Art inspired by or deriving from outdoor play such as picnics, observing things on the street (Rojo Kansatsu), fishing, rock climbing and skateboarding is on display. From SIDE CORE, many artists whose work stems from play will be participating and creating experimental new artworks on “outside” and “play”. 



Participating artists

EVERYDAY HOLIDAY ​​SQUAD、T​aku Obata​​​、R​yota Kikuchi​、T​akahito Kimura​​、snipe1、S​eppuku Pistols​、H​ikaru Takada​​、R​intarou Takahashi​、Chim↑Pom、Tokyo Picnic Club 、T​akahiro Miyahara​、T​akahiro Morita​、T​aichi Moriyama​、R​ojo Kansatsu Gakkai​ (randam order)


E​vent​ outline

P​riod: July 14(Sat)-September 17(Mon・National Holiday)​

Closed: Mondays (Except when a national holiday falls on Monday. In this case, the museum​ is open on the holiday and is closed the next day, Tuesday.) ​

Admission Fee: Adults/800yen(700yen)、Those over the age of 65 & College students/600yen(500yen)、Free for ages below middle high school students、Visitors with disability certificate receive Free for 1 escort、prices within parentheses are group rates(20 people or more).

O​rganizer:​The Ichihara Lakeside Museum [​Designated Manager: Art Front Gallery Co., Ltd.

Co-curator:SIDE CORE